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KIA K900

KIA K900 Press Introduction: Day 2 Test Drive
February 20, 2014

The 5.0 liter V8 model, due this spring, packs enough strength under the hood to not only keep up with its top luxury competitors, but actually beat them in a game of value-driven economics. Additionally, the sedan boasts a noteworthy 420 hp engine, delivering 376 lb. torque. Perhaps what impressed us most -- from a technical standpoint -- was the near perfectly balanced rear-drive proportions of the vehicle (52/48) and its innovative use of safety features, evidenced in the utilization of crush durable adhesives and vibrating seat belts.

Furthermore, the black and white nappa leather interior and 12-way power adjusted driver’s seat speaks volumes in regards to the company's appetite for elegance.

The K900 makes a bold statement in challenging customer's preconceived notions of luxury and its associated cost. From top to bottom, the sedan packs everything you would expect from its world class luxury competitors (BMW, Lexus, Audi)... at a fraction of the cost. $15,000 cheaper in fact. Truthfully, our only gripes with the vehicle is its less than stellar fuel performance -- something we hope to eventually see improved in the luxury car market.

Make no mistake about it, Kia certainly has a difficult task ahead of them in marketing their first $59,500* luxury vehicle, but then again the K900 is no ordinary vehicle. For more info on KIA's K900, click here.

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